Dog Park 2020 reflects the year when the world was engulfed in the Covid-19 pandemic. With more people staying home, more dogs were being adopted. Closures, isolation and the slowing of daily activity allowed for a period of contemplation where we could see with more clarity the failures of economic, ecological, social and political systems. Our anxieties and fears about the world surged.

Vaccine Day 2021 depicts the day when we are all vaccinated, a day to celebrate, with reservation. We gather together and hold hands, but the world’s problems have not gone away, the future’s uncertainties are terrifying. Yet, we are now protected from Covid-19 and go forth with hope for a better world.

Red Onions 2021 depicts a crowded pub. There are unwanted jobs, unwanted lovers, and unwanted onions. Scan the QR code and Paul Bunyan enters the picture. Outside a forest fire burns.